Council Members

Scott Dalziel


I am originally from New Zealand, but have lived in the UK for over 30 years.  My background is in sales and I travel extensively around the UK.  I have worked in the electrical industry for over 20 years now. My family  and I moved to Milton Keynes just under 2 years ago and my daughter goes to Whitehouse pre school.  This is my home and its where I will be raising my family, so I want to roll my sleeves up and be involved for the long term.

The reason I would like to become part of the community Councillor is because I want to be part of building a community and one in which we can be proud of.  I would like to have greater input into developing a family friendly community for me and my family to grow into.

There are already so many fantastic initiatives that are being developed by the already established Councilors and I’m amazed at how much the community really gets behind some of the events that have happened here. During the Covid times that became even more clearer.  From litter picks to parents meet ups in the play grounds to neighbours helping each other out. I am really looking forward to seeing the community grow as the years pass. I feel we are very lucky to live here.